Holistic Yoga in Bengaluru

About Therapist

I am Rajalalakshmi. I'm a certified Yoga therapist from SVYASA.

Before following the path of Yoga, I was a school teacher. I taught mathematics to students from 1st grade to 10th grade. I also did Montessori-style of teaching to pre-school students.

When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I happened to try Yoga and it changed my life. At first, I practiced Yoga every day for maintaining a healthy life and control my diabetes. Soon after, I decided to learn its ways and spread the benefits to others: I changed my career from school teaching to Yoga.

I did a Yoga Instructor Course in 2008, followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy in 2009. In 2010, I started working at HCG hospital, providing Yoga therapy to cancer-stricken patients. Later, I started to offer Yoga therapies to individuals under the guidance of Dr. R Nagarathna. I offer both online and in-person Yoga therapy sessions for

  • the general audience to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and,

  • special cases with cancer, chronic pain, pregnancy, neurological problems, etc.

You can find more details about therapies and specialization here.

I offer both online and in-peson yoga therapy sessions.

In-person therapy

I can offer in-person yoga therapies in two ways:

  1. Therapy at your home: I will travel to your place anywhere in Bengaluru. I will charge extra fees for travel, depending on the distance.

  2. Therapy at my place: You can come to my place for therapy, near JP Nagar 8th Phase. The rough location is shown in the map.

Online therapy

I will hold therapy sessions on Google Meet. I can offer online therapies, especially for clients outside of Bengaluru. I also hold general Yoga therapy sessions online regularly. Contact me for more details.


You can reach me at np@rajalakshmiyoga.com. Alternatively, you can send your contact information to me in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.